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Consulting Sessions for Parents of Teens

Enhanced Support for Your Child's Education 

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With Brian Leaf's consulting sessions, parents are offered more than just a one-on-one conversation. Brian's approach involves a holistic view of the child's educational journey. This includes understanding their personal interests, learning styles, and long-term goals. He offers advice tailored not just to their immediate academic needs, but also their overall development as learners and individuals.


What to Expect from a Session

A consulting session with Brian is an open and understanding space where parents can express their concerns and aspirations for their child's education. The initial session will typically involve an in-depth discussion about the child's current educational situation, their strengths and weaknesses, and the family's objectives. Subsequent sessions will involve reviewing progress, addressing new challenges, and adjusting strategies as needed.


In these private one-on-one sessions with Brian, parents can tap into his twenty+ years experience working with teens in order to address issues such as:

• Reducing family stress around homework
• How to begin the college application process
• Choosing the right high school
• Test prep options
• Dealing with learning differences
• Resources in the Pioneer Valley
• Identifying your child's strengths and challenges
• Building your child's confidence
• Reducing stress and anxiety

Testimonials from Parents

"Brian has an uncanny understanding of teens."
- Jean D, teacher

"Brian helped us select the right high school for Jennifer; a place where she can finally relax & shine!"
- Tim W, parent

"Speaking with Brian put me at ease."
- Karen R, parent

To schedule, email Brian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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