Top 10 Things to Know About the SATs

Every year, nearly a million students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades prepare for the SATs to get admission into college and the eventual career of their choice.


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And, as the test itself has undergone numerous changes to keep pace with the times, as has the prep for it with different ways to prepare for the SAT. Options are now available for both online preparation and traditional test prep classes. Regardless of which route you prefer, it's essential to understand what you should expect when taking the exam and how to do test prep for SAT effectively

From understanding test structure and timing to tips on test-day strategies, these tips will help ensure your test day goes as smoothly as possible. So read on and get ready for a successful SAT experience!

Here are ten key things every student should know before taking the SAT:

Understand test structure:

The SAT comprises three main sections, math, reading, and writing. You have 3 hours to complete all the sections.

Figure out test timing:

Within each section, you should allocate around 1 minute per question for Math and 45 seconds per question for Reading/Writing. However, of course, some questions take much less than that, leaving you time for the more challenging questions. 

Research test prep options:

For test preparation, you can take test prep classes or prepare online. Whichever route you choose, understand all the options available and how each can help with your test preparation.

Work on test strategies:

Developing test-taking strategies is essential for success on the test. For example, when you're stuck on a difficult question, skip it and come back to it later.

Practice with test materials:

Make sure to practice with test materials similar in style and difficulty level to what will be tested on the official exam. This includes practice tests, flashcards, online tutorials, and past tests.

Know test center rules:

Before taking the test, familiarize yourself with test center rules and regulations. Read up on what you can bring into the test center and how much time you will have for each section.

Be prepared for test day:

On test day, arrive early and bring all the necessary materials, such as a valid ID, calculator, and pencils.

Stay focused during the test:

Focus on each question, and don't spend too much time dwelling on the ones you're unsure about. If you encounter a difficult question, skip it and return to it later.

Try test-day relaxation techniques:

Before the test, practice some test-day relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or visualization, to help you stay calm during the test.

Don't forget to review:

Once you finish the test, take some time to review your answers and make sure everything is correct.

These are just a few key things to remember when taking the SATs for the first time. With these tips and the proper test prep, you'll be ready to tackle this test and get one step closer to your future goals! Good luck!

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